Every second of every day, an older adult aged 65 and over falls in the United States, making falls the top cause of injury and death in this age group.

Date: 07/08/2022
Author: Mila Spasojević

Every second of every day, an older adult aged 65 and over falls in the United States, making falls the top cause of injury and death in this age group.

Around 36 million falls are reported each year. 32.000 deaths caused by falls are reported every year. 3 million older adults are treated in hospitals for injuries caused by falls. More than 95% of hip fractures and injuries are caused by falling. Reports show that 1 in 4 older adults fall each day. 12,713 adults from Alberta over 50 years experienced hip fractures from 2008. to 2015. 4.9% of patients died within 30-days and 8.5% died within 90-days after hip fracture.
In Australia the overall mortality rate of hip fracture was 7.9%

According to the diagram, women are more likely to experience falls than men are (29%). Falls increase with the increase of age. The majority of falls which led to serious injuries (34%) have been reported among adults older than 85. According to the three studies (In Canada, Australia and the U.S.) the majority of falls among adults over 50 result in serious injuries such as hip fractures. Studies have shown that those less likely to survive after a hip fracture are aged 85 and older.

Which factors lead to such injuries?

Hip fractures mainly occur after falls. They are significantly more common in adults older than 50 years. Both adults living in senior care homes and those living on their own/family homes have experienced hip fractures.

Most injuries occur when adults are alone in their house/room.

Injuries of this type are not likely to lead to immediate death, as certain surgeries can be performed to aid those who have been injured, however, there are some factors which could increase the risk of mortality after the surgery. In other words – the surgery itself is not enough to guarantee recovery from the injury.

Quality of care post- surgery is considered an essential factor. Proper care after surgery and monitoring the process of recovery could significantly increase the survival rate and lead to full recovery.

Time to surgery is discussed as one of the factors that could affect survival after hip fractures. Being able to react quickly and prioritize hip fractures can increase the survival rate, therefore it is essential to detect such injuries immediately as they occur.

Have a look at the following situation: Your loved one has fallen, which may have resulted in a fracture or a tissue injury. In this condition, they can barely move. The blood vessels in the involved area may be injured and will lead to clot formation. The dreaded Virchow’s triad of local injury and inflammation combined with slow blood flow and absence of movement result in Deep Vein Thrombosis. A dislodged Deep Vein Thrombosis may turn into a Pulmonary Embolism – a life threatening complication. Lying on the floor after such falls may cause severe complications and put an individual into a life threatening state. Therefore, the fall itself may not be as dangerous as lying helplessly after it is.

This is why a quick reaction is crucial.

Naturally, there are several ways of preventing these injuries from ever happening. Hiring a caregiver or putting older adults into a care home are one of the ways to prevent falls.

Unfortunately, this may not always be the best solution, as it does not provide older adults with the independence they wish to keep.

So, what is the solution?

Clearly, there is little probability that we will be physically present every second of the day. Our days are packed with many responsibilities. And, because scientists have yet to discover a means for humans to be in two locations at the same time, what are we to do? Luckily, we have a perfect solution.

Ola camera and software are designed to monitor and alert upon possibly dangerous situations in your household.

Ola Care is a smart solution that promotes safer and healthier aging. Ola Care, the most modern, comprehensive safe aging service, enables elders to age in their community and on their own terms. Driven by cutting-edge technology, it is specifically designed to keep seniors safe, well, and secure, as well as their loved ones connected and alert.

Even if your loved one has lost consciousness or the ability to call for help after a fall, Ola will let you know and help prevent any complications that may follow.

Ola is so much more than a security camera. By getting the Ola Camera and installing it in your household, you will be able to react quickly in any situation and prevent possibly life-threatening events from happening to your loved ones. Ola immediately sends alerts upon detecting a fall and/or call for help. It allows you to be present even when you are not physically there. Brining our service into your life adds another layer of protection to your home.